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Hey Inventors and Innovators - Got A Great Idea?

If you have a terrific new idea for a product, service, mobile app, internet business or the like, please complete this quick form to begin the process of getting your concept in front of the right eyes to make it a reality.

We would be very interested in reviewing your concept, so in order for us to make a complete decision regarding your idea, we would like you to submit the following brief information so we can follow up with an additional information request package. This initial submission in no way obligates you or compromises the secrecy of your concept.

Please do NOT send the following:

  • Perpetual motion machines
  • Inventions that are clearly hazardous to the user
  • Scientific theories without conclusive data
  • Sexual aids or related products
  • Inventions that would be illegal to operate
  • Inventions that may be harmful to society

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