Lindenwold Fine Jewelers

Lindenwold Fine Jewelerslindenwold-fine-jewelery-jewelryExpert craftsmanship, unmatched customer service and the best pricing characterize Lindenwold Fine Jewelers, the seller of fine jewelry and fashionable accessories.

The high quality Lindenwold Cubic Zirconia Diamond simulant first thrust the division into the national spotlight and Lindenwold’s popularity continues with the new 106 faceted Diamondexcel. Now, customers from Florida to Alaska count themselves among those who enjoy Lindenwold’s products.

For millions of satisfied customers, Lindenwold Fine Jewelers has also brought the excitement and adventure of Sweepstakes to their lives.

Lindenwold Fine Jewelers has awarded millions of dollars to customers over the years through the fun of hundreds of different successful, attention-getting Sweepstakes.

Two recent winners had this to say…

“…I’m still numb. And don’t know what to say. I never won anything before. It will be nice to pay off bills and go out for a meal. But I am still speechless, but I want to thank you all.”
Mary Turben

“YES, IT IS REAL!!! I WON $10,000!!! This is truly a blessing from God! … I am so happy and so glad Lindenwold gave me the opportunity to enter the contest. I won the contest and the tie breaker. Winning real money is wonderful!”
Bennecia Miller

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