International Telecommunications

International-TelecommunicationsSCI-International-TelecommunicationsInternational TeleCommunications (ITC) is the in-house telemarketing service branch for Suarez Corporation Industries. Telephone sales efforts are concentrated in four distinct operating units including ITC Inbound Telemarketing, ITC Outbound Telemarketing, ITC Special Customer Sales, and overflow support of Customer Service calls.

ITC Inbound receives thousands of calls per week from customers wanting to place orders for the numerous products and services offered by SCI. ITC Inbound also assists, when needed, with customer service related telephone calls.

ITC Oubound contacts existing customers and offers complementary or add-on products.

ITC Special Customer Sales contacts customers to resolve payment or collection issues with their purchases.

ITC is a division within the Suarez Corporation Industries family, and has the goal of supporting the profit generating divisions of the company with effective, friendly and discerningly conducted programs that utilize the telephone as the means of customer contact and support.