At Suarez Corporation Industries, we are devoted to bringing our customers innovative products that will enhance their lives. It is this devotion to our customers that has made us what we are today. Complete customer satisfaction is and always will be our number one priority. All of our products and services are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. In addition, we promise convenient and efficient service, reaching our customers through the mail, phone and internet, as well as through television, newspaper and magazines.

SCI Multi Channels

Direct Response Marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing

SCI promotes brands on a national scale. Brands under the SCI umbrella have appeared in PARADE Magazine, People, and more!

American Legion Auxiliary Magazine Good Old Days Magazine Moose Magazine Muscle and Fitness Magazine

SCI Building

SCI is a leader in direct marketing and currently markets hundreds of diversified products around the world. From heaters, food services, jewelry, body and skin care, collectible coins, and health products, SCI continues to lead the way through product innovation and multi-channel marketing.

Are You an Inventor?

University of Akron Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories

The Suarez Laboratories' mission is to blend marketing intelligence with marketing research to provide real-world opportunities and advantages to businesses, and to UA students and faculty seeking to perform applied research.

The Laboratories support both business marketing undergraduate and graduate course offerings, as well as student and faculty research activities by providing faculty and students with the research capabilities for conducting studies pertinent to the theory and practice of marketing and business, and creating an experiential learning environment where students and faculty can acquire and hone the skills and competencies needed for conducting theoretical and applied research.

Suarez Manufacturing Industries

Suarez Manufacturing Industries (SMI) is a division of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI). This brand new manufacturing and assembly facility is located in North Canton, Ohio in the location originally created for the now departed Hoover Company. SMI is partnering with Patriot Enterprises LLC and LT Enterprises LLC to manufacture our popular EdenPURE® Portable Infrared Heating line. EdenPURE, the best selling portable heating system in North America, has brought over 300 jobs to the local economy when running at full capacity.